Infrico and Impafri have recently participated in the Conference of the French purchasing group, GAFIC.

The Greek island of Rhodes was the ideal place to present all the new products of Infrico and Impafri from the 9th to 12th May.

With a high participation in the event, Infrico and Impafri presented numerous new products for 2019 in their Stand. Accompanied with a refrigerated cabinet and a refrigerated table in their stand, the team had 13 minutes to be able to inform each distributor about the company and new products before they moved on to the next Stand.

These dynamic days were presented in a novel format that requires going against the clock. For 4 days and with 6 hours of exhibition on the island, there were only 13 minutes for which each exhibitor had to present their products. Despite the time available, both Infrico and Impafri were very satisfied with the results, thanks to the great assistance, collaboration and organization by the GAFIC group.

There have been more than 300 attendees to the conference in Greece, both manufacturers and distributors throughout the sector.

The excellent planning carried out by GAFIC also allows establishing direct connections with potential customers thanks to the different meals and tourist programs throughout the stay on the island. Places with charm such as the Palace of the Grand Master or the Kallithea Springs, left a good taste in your mouth after some tiring exhibiting days.