Infrico City Trailer

Infrico launches a City Trailer of low consumption and respectful with the environment

Infrico continues to expand its fleet of vehicles for distribution of equipment and refrigeration machinery. It is a City Trailer respectful of the environment that has all the features to offer the best service to its customers: the very reason of the company.

The new vehicle has been configured with the new directional rear axle, with Tridec system, which manages to reduce the turning radius by manoeuvring more easily in urban areas. In addition, this truck will increase the length of the truck body to 11 meters in length, which allows expanding the load capacity considerably.

Infrico, leaders in the sector of the commercial cold and always at the forefront in innovation, demonstrates with this acquisition that it is also in terms of transport.
The certified low consumptions, the cabin’s ergonomics, as well as the latest technology in equipment level make this powerful vehicle an ideal means of transport in benefits for long distance routes.

For Cristobal Fernández, Logistics Manager of Infrico: “The acquisition of this City Trailer has been a wise decision, given that it is providing us with great mechanical reliability, to which we must add a significant reduction in fuel consumption which is in the line of our commitment to sustainable development and reduction of carbon footprint”.

Indeed, the freight transport sector is one of the biggest responsible for greenhouse gas emissions that come from the human being. Specifically, it represents close to 64% of oil worldwide final consumption and, Infrico, fully aware of this reality, consider it vitally important to maintain a firm commitment to preserve the environment. In addition, to ensure a sustainable future for the new generations, the company follows the regulations that help to promote a circular economy preventing the planet from suffering “global warming” due to the emission of harmful gases.